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Frequently Ask Questions:

We have found that many people are emailing us with similar requests, so we have put together a list of FAQs to help answer your emails. We would like to thank everyone who takes time to write us with their messages of support, comments and feedback.

Who owns the Master of Art International?
Master of Art International is a registered trademark owned by Margarita Feaks Gallery, established since September 2010 and founded by Margarita Feaks as the single owner.

Do you have any liabilities or mortgage to creditors?
Nothing. Margarita Feaks Gallery has no liabilities, pending legal action, tax disputes or overdue to creditors. A complete peach of mind for the buyer of purchasing a credible brand and reputable company.

Do you accept finance option such as debt or equity?
No. Master of Art International trademark will bring you unlimited big potential of profit yield, easy and ready to transfer ownership, debt free, excellent reputation plus you can use officially and legally protected in long term.

Did the company interested in partnership, for funding/commercial loan or other bank instruments?
No. Master of Art International offering you outright 100% full of ownership, it means that will protects you as a buyer restraint of trade covenant of having a complete maximum proximity.

Would you consider a broker or agent assisting you finding a buyer &/or investor?
No. Master of Art International business and intellectual property assets offers an exclusive direct sale.

What exactly Margarita Feaks Gallery offer to sell?
You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to own Master of Art International as a whole complete package, all inclusive Intellectual Property Office registered trademark(s),  World Intellectual Property Office registered trademark(s),  Domain Names,Websites, Goodwill  and Database.

Who is the right candidate for the Master of Art International?
Master of Art International trademark had been extensively published that sustain for further usage in art gallery, education, shows, sporting events, administration, publishing, marketing, advertising, business consultancy, recruitment and retailing?

Is the company number you have provided correct? I cannot seem to find the company on companies house?
Yes, Margarita Feaks Gallery is registered company at HMRC - UTR No. 2653740609. Margarita Feaks Gallery is own as sole proprietor, it means it do not have to be registered at Companies House. You only need to do this if you are setting up a limited company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). To operate as a sole trader you only need to register with HMRC.

May I know the asking price before I consider to buy?
Master of Art International is offer to sell in an open market value to the highest amount offered and who to sell it to. The procedure of sale is through sealed bid to give everyone fair and equal opportunity, as well as confidential to respect individual privacy. For full guidelines of how to buy please contact us. 

How to submit an offer proposal to Margarita Feaks Gallery?
You can submit a written proposal to Margarita Feaks Gallery by post, contact us for full details.