Guidelines of Buying 


Master of Art International is a registered trademark owned by Margarita Feaks Gallery, established since September 2010 and founded by Margarita Feaks as the sole owner who decided to sell due to unforeseen circumstances. Margarita Feaks Gallery is a registered company in England and Wales no. 2653740609, officially end trading last 6th April 2018.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to own the business and intellectual property assets of Master of Art International; all inclusive registered trademarks, domain names, websites, database and goodwill by the owner &/or assignor Margarita Feaks Gallery.

Master of Art International offers you 100% full ownership opportunity takeover, the trademark will bring you unlimited big profit yield, easy and ready to transfer ownership, no liability, excellent reputation plus you can use officially and legally protected in long term. 

When you approach Margarita Feaks Gallery, you do so on the basis  that there is no guarantee that Margarita Feaks Gallery will sell the ownership to you because we conduct independent  assessment of the  correct manner of transfering ownership to the highest amount offered  and who to sell it to.

Guidelines of Buying

To buy the business and intellectual property assets of Master of Art International; please submit a written offer by post with the requirements requested to:

Margarita Feaks

Margarita Feaks Gallery

P.O. Box 1361, Drayton,

Norwich, Norfolk,

NR8 6FP, England,

United Kingdom

You must include:

  • Complete name, nationality, postal address, email address and phone number(s);
  • Company name, complete company address  and legal form of entity;
  • Complete name, postal address, email address and phone number of your solicitor or agent (if any);
  • Why you are interested in purchasing the trademark(s) and what your future intentions  are for using it.
  • The maximum amount you would like to offer in Great British Pounds (GBP)
  • Post it to using registered or recorded signature mail.

Margarita Feaks Gallery will be unable to progress without all of this information.

If you have further questions, click here to contact us.

Please allow 48 hours to answer all you're enquiries.

What happens next

Margarita Feaks Gallery will post a letter of confirmation whether or not your written  offer is approve.

In some cases, the purchaser may require independent professional  valuation in order to establish the value of it and the best means of pricing at their own cost. 

Margarita Feaks Gallery offer to sell in an open market value :

1. The business as online art gallery - Intangible Assets

2. Intellectual Property Assets

The purchaser &/or assignee will have to pay a maximum of 11% on offered approve price; that includes solicitor fees for trademark deed of assignment , asset purchase agreement and domain change of ownership.

If Margarita Feaks Gallery offer to sell, completion of change of new ownership(s) will takes a maximum of eight weeks start from the time of Deed of Trademark Assignment.

Upon signing the trademark deed of assignment, you are responsible to show  proof of identity and proof of address in accordance with anti-money laundering procedures.

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Business and Intellectual Property Assets ​


​Post: Margarita Feaks Gallery, P.O. Box 1361, Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6FP, England, United Kingdom